Shirtabulous - Horrible Customer Service

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When I went into the store to place the order I was very pleased with the time they spent discussing what I wanted and how I wanted to shirts to look.After placing the order I left thinking what a cute store, and had every intention of returning to them with more business for future team sport shirts as well as my up coming bridal shower and bachelorette party.

The entire experience took a turn for the worst when I returned to pick up the shirts. The gentleman working showed me one of the finished shirts and I informed him immediately that they were not what I had requested. I placed an order for highlighter or safety yellow shirts with hot pink lettering, the shirts instead had black lettering. A lady who was also working behind the counter stepped in and began to tell me that I did not request pink lettering, that the order form did not have a color listed on it so she went back to phone messages from when another member of the volleyball team called to get pricing information, and that she wrote down that he had requested black lettering.

I asked the man behind the counter (he was who helped me when placing the order) if he remembered going through the different shades of pink with me, holding them up against the yellow shirts so that I could decide which shade I liked best. He stated he did not remember that. At that point the lady told me if I was not happy I would need to go somewhere else. I was issued a partial refund for my purchase and informed that they worked very hard on these actually doing more work than I was charged for, and the pink color I requested would not have looked good on the yellow shirts.

At no point did either the man or the woman offer to try redo the shirts the way I wanted them, their only method was to issue a partial refund and tell me to take my business elsewhere. I left the store unhappy with the product and even more unhappy with the customer service I received.

The following day another employee of Shirtabulous, who was not present when I picked up my order, called my work to speak to the guy who had initially called to get pricing information. This employee proceeded to tell my co-worker I was irate and caused a scene in their store in front of other customers.

After hearing of this phone call I called Shirtabulous to express my discontent with the product, the service, and the phone call they made. My place of employment had nothing to do with the order I placed, and my co-worker was not involved in the ordering of the shirts, he simply made phone calls to several businesses to get pricing information. The woman I spoke to on the phone (who was not present when I picked up my order) was just as rude if not more so than the people I dealt with face to face. She proceeded to tell me how her business had in fact lost money on my order, like it was my fault, and that the way I behaved in the store was unacceptable.

Again this woman was not there when I picked up my order. Not once did any member of the staff at Shirtabulous apologize for the mistake or make any attempt at rectifying the situation. I was handed a partial refund in cash, told to sign my name to a hand written refund slip that I was not offered a copy of and told that I needed to take my business elsewhere, but that I would be subject to higher prices anywhere else.

The way in which I was treated by the staff at Shirtabulous both in person and over the phone was rude and unprofessional to say the least.I will not do any future business with this company nor would I recommend them to anyone looking for any type of custom screen print work or any other service they provide.

Review about: Screen Printed Shirts.

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